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Starred review on School Library Journal!

"A fabulous read-aloud that offers many opportunities for choral reading and movement, this text will have everyone dancing and saying “One more!"

Jose and Feliz Play Futbol cover.jpg

José and Feliz Play Fútbol 

also co-written with Susan Rose

and illustrated by Gloria Félix 

Great reviews!

Read more here...

Watch a great video of a  dog soccer star!

soccer dog 2.jpg
Jose and el Perro Cover.jfif

José and El Perro

co-written with Susan Rose 

Illustrated by 

Gloria Félix

Frida Kahlo LGB cover spanish.jpg
Frida Kahlo LGB Cover.jpg

My Little Golden Book About

Frida Kahlo

Mi Little Golden Book sobre Frida Kahlo (Español)

Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri

Pacho Nacho cover.jpg


Illustrated by

Pablo Pino

Thumbnail of JRF Video.jpg

Just Right


An Adoption Story

Illustrated by Ziyue Chen

Listen to

Just Right Family 

Read Aloud

Queen of Tejano Music:


Selena: Reina de la
Música Tejana (Español)

Selena eng cover.jpg
Selena SP cover.jpg

Illustrated by Paola Escobar

Sonia Sotomayor English cover.jpg
Sonia Sotomayor Spanish cover.jpg

Little Golden Books Biographies:

Sonia Sotomayor

Mi Little Golden Book sobre Sonia Sotomayor (Español)

Illustrated by Nomar Pérez

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Handimals cover.jpg

Handimals: Animals in Art and Nature

Art by Guido Daniele

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Moffet Elementary California.JPEG

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High Point Academy 2
Kendall Square k-82.jpg

Mentor - We Need Diverse Books

Z book English cover.jpg

Zunzuncito: A Tale of Cuba's Bee Hummingbird

Zunzuncito: Un Cuento del Pájaro Abeja Cubano

Z book Spanish cover.jpg

Illustrated by

Veronica Cabrera

Proud to be represented by Karen Grencik at

Red Fox Literary
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Latinx Women Writers and Illustrators of Children's Literature

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